Pharaoh’s gold II deluxe novomatic

If you want to find an exciting game with perfect high scores and a game style full of treasures, of course, there is rarely such a game model. Hearing your request, Novomatic tries to make a game that has an exciting game feel with a great king coming from Egypt entitled Pharaoh’s Gold II Deluxe.

A new game that captivates you and gamers alike. As we know that the Egyptians still have an eternal belief in the sun god. The position of the king who is blessed by the gods is a sign of prosperity and glory. Slot games that have 5 reels will captivate you so you can’t let go and want to play continuously.

Game play level

Adlibfilm – The various Egyptian places that are a lot of question marks for archaeologists? How was the state formed and how to build the Egyptian people? Until now this question continues to be an unresolved question so that many akeologists come to look for relics that are important to the history of Egypt.

Many strange phenomena that often occur in Egypt and one of them comes from a sandstorm. Hide in a safe place so you don’t get carried away by the egyptian sandstorm. The level of play that gives the coin value is quite high with a total of 9 thousand coins bet from the game symbols. Each symbol will form a value if it succeeds in matching the symbols.

free spins and doubles//enjoy

Game symbol

You can find the symbols listed on the game pharaoh’s gold II deluxe while playing the game or in the game info. Some that you can find such as: photos of pharaohs, sphinx statues, eyes of Horus, beetles, birds, cats, pyramids, and remy cards (9 to A). The eye of Horus is a great scatter symbol with high values ​​and free spins that you can get easily.

Present 3 scatters to activate 15 free spins. In addition to the eyes there must also be a photo of the pharaoh which is of high value and provides an unexpected chance of winning. There are symbols that can give a lot of coins that come from beetles, egyptian birds, pyramids, cats, and sphinxes. Hearing that there are symbols that can give you a high value, of course you will not refuse and want to keep playing without stopping.

Wild on game

You can set the game bet on pharaoh’s gold II deluxe yourself. Located on the bottom screen of the reels are the credit amounts and the min and plus buttons. The value obtained from the value of the coins you get will be directly entered in the value. The min and plus buttons will help you set the value of the bet you want to place. The value of the bet that you can enjoy is from 1 to 10 winning values ​​that are ready to make you win.

Pharaoh’s gold II deluxe has a wild icon that can replace all symbols except the eye of Horus. The presence of wilds not only replaces symbols but will also add value to the game screen. The double value formed will be doubled. The Eye of Horus that successfully activates the free spins also gives a double value. 3 times the value of the bet that gamers can get.

Game deluxe gold II Pharaoh can also be played with free game models and real money. Playing with demo games will make it easier for you to play in real money betting games. Can see how to play the game and know how much you will get when you win.