Multiple Expeditions Serve COD

Since selling goods on social media is nothing new, now you as a seller don’t need to be afraid of losing your goods during delivery. Because there are already several expeditions that run the COD system. So that the goods to be sent will be picked up and the buyer just waits for the goods to arrive. There are multiple expeditions serve cod

If the seller does not follow the way of playing from the buyer, the selling product will not be crowded. Due to the fraud factor, buyers are more careful. And for you sellers, you don’t need to hesitate, because there are lots of people selling COD.

Easy transactions using the COD system

Adlibfilm – When you are going to start any business on social media, it is better to complete your personal data or completeness such as COD requirements. Because taking care of things related to expeditions is very complicated and takes time. Don’t let those of you who have uploaded merchandise, but when you want to do cod are still confused. For that, do all the steps correctly, then you will sell easily. More and more sellers are doing COD, so you don’t need to hesitate anymore if you want to sell anything on any social media.

For those of you who love online shopping, you can use the COD system as a safer place to sell. However, not all expeditions do COD. For that, make sure in advance which type of expedition you will collaborate with. Maybe initially the COD was only implemented in certain marketplaces. But now on social media, it is possible to make sales with the COD system. The following expeditions can do COD

work together and get the benefits// cod

`1. Indonesian post

Pos Indonesia is famous for its cheap admin fees, apart from that it can be sent throughout Indonesia to remote areas. For sellers who are looking for an affordable cost, using this is very easy. The advantage of Pos Indonesia can do COD at the nearest post office.


JNE expedition did not want to lose, that’s why the COD system was held. This one expedition must have been very famous, especially before it was on the marketplace. There are already many people who use JNE as a place to deliver goods or packages. With the presence of JNE, you don’t need to worry, because there will be the same security when sending COD.

3.Shopee Express

Shopee does not only provide a way to buy and sell. However, there is an expedition that is applied so that you who will send any package or goods are certainly very easy. Shopee Express is famous for its convenience and fast delivery. So to use shopee express can be a recommendation for the COD system. But using Shopee Express, it turns out that there are requirements, namely that you have made a purchase of a value of at least 50 thousand. Of course, this price is not too expensive, because you as a seller must have been a buyer before.


Tiki is famous for its fast delivery facilities. So that you who will do the delivery need not doubt. For COD users, tiki has opened and enforced it. Of course, COD services can be carried out throughout Indonesia.


Sicepat expedition is certainly not a new thing, because Sicepat is famous in various marketplaces. If you are a marketplace user at Tokopedia or Bukalapak, you are definitely familiar with this one expedition. So that those of you who want to do COD services don’t doubt it, it’s definitely safe. Using the fast expedition of course has its own advantages, such as the Jabodetabek area, delivery will be carried out with a maximum of 8 hours.