Impera link blazing fruits pro 40

Impera link blazing fruits pro 40 game presented by novomatic with unexpected combination values. This time novomatic works with impera link. Games that will give a high jackpot value so gamers can win with unexpected values. It may look old school game but make no mistake this classic game is able to attract a lot of attention of gamers.

Games that provide exciting types of wins plus an unmitigated jackpot value that gamers can get easily. The version of the game that is already pro type 40 will amaze you. As the title implies, impera link blazing fruits pro 40 has 40 wins that you can get easily.

Classic game with the times

Adlibfilm – The image design filled with fire in each fruit that manages to match will melt and you win. The blue screen color makes the symbols look even more beautiful. The type of symbol that can only give coins with 1 position only makes you have to find many symbols in order to win.

A game that follows the times even though it has classic symbols. However, gamers can play freely in impera link blazing fruits pro 40. Gamers can find fresh fruits that are ready to be melted in the game, such as: cherries, lemons, grapes, plums, watermelons, and oranges. There is also an additional star symbol, the number 7, and a blue coin.

fun game
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The presence of wild and scatter

Each of the same symbols will form a winning number. Not only symbols of the same kind can give value to coins, but gamers can also form crosses. Where the wild is ready to help other symbols and give a winning value. The number 7 being a strong wild replaces all symbols except the blue coin and the scatter.

Scatter will give value but erratically. You could say scatter can give coins that appear anywhere. Scatter in the form of a beautiful and beautiful star. While the blue coins will provide unexpected value to gamers. The blue coins come from the impera link combination so it will activate the spin lock when you get 6 coins. The activation of the spin lock will make the screen not move.

Chance to win with game jackpot

The screen that has not received any coins will spin until the spin opportunities are exhausted. But gamers don’t need to worry because if gamers get 1 coin then gamers get 3 chances to play for free. So the more coins gamers get, the free spins will keep coming.

When in coins you get a complete jackpot of 5 progressive jackpots, gamers win heavily and get lots of coins. 5 jackpots that have different values ​​so gamers can get wins easily. Jackpots that gamers can get from: grand, minor, major, mini, and the impera link logo.

Symbol combination value

The highest jackpot win is in the grand. If you manage to collect coins with a grand value, gamers can get as much as 500.00 coins. No need to worry and worry apart from the jackpot, there are still wilds ready to help you. As long as gamers find the same wild sign or combination, you will get a burning value from the impera link blazing fruits pro 40 game.

To be able to enjoy the game impera link blazing fruits pro 40 gamers must prepare a commensurate bet money. The more bets gamers submit, the closer the chance to win.