Pumpkinpower game that is presented from the custom of celebrating the season of the ghosts. Pumpkin is a pumpkin that is shaped like a mask where the pumpkin will be given a pair of eyes and a big smile on the pumpkin. Each house will be filled with pumpkin decorations that are given candlelight to illuminate and participate in celebrating Halloween.

Many participate in celebrating Halloween so that it becomes an exciting and fun day. The presence of this pumpkin power game made many players queue up to be able to play the new version of the game. Although it looks scary but it’s actually not because pumpkinpower also makes a lot of people gather to celebrate.

Interesting symbols

The arrival of pumpkin power in 2015. The year novomatic was looking for a Adlibfilm – fantastic game idea that many people will not forget. This 5-reel game also provides many ways to win. This step can be played by gamers and get as many as 243 ways. It’s amazing how many moves can give gamers a chance to win.

In this pumpkin power game there is also a beautiful witch who will bring the pumpkins to life and give gamers an unexpected surprise. However, not only pumpkins can give coins, but other symbols can also give coins. Symbols – interesting symbols that you can find in the pumpkinpower game, namely: pumpkins, candles, ghosts, witches, black cats, spirits, gold rings, haunted houses, and cards.

the fun of playing pumpkin symbol//Pumpkin

Wilds and scatters

This game using real money offers a high jackpot value of 2000 values ‚Äč‚Äčthat gamers can get. The wild symbol fell to the witch’s sign. wild which can replace all game symbols. In the game pumpkin means the pumpkin that is the scatter sign. Scatter that can provide immeasurable power and free spins that are ready to help gamers.

3 pumpkins will give 12 free spins and the pumpkin will release its power. This power is in the form of an orange dice. Which is where the dice will roll and give an unexpected win. The rolling dice will provide additional free spins and the value that gamers will get.

Play bonus games

Pumpkin power also has a bonus game in the form of cards. The color of the card must be guessed so that the value increases. Gamers only guess the red or black color on the back of the card. If it’s true then congratulations you managed to get a double value from the card game. Very exciting is not a pumpkin power game that is ready to give gamers unexpected powers and jackpots.

For those who have never known what pumpkin power is, you can stop by and play using the website. Maybe you ask whether you have to play using a computer? the answer: you can play pumpkin power, you don’t need to use a computer because pumpkin power can be played using a smartphone or laptop.

It’s fun playing the pumpkin power game

So gamers can play easily without having to use a big device. Playing pumpkin power allows gamers to experience a spooky atmosphere filled with unbearable laughter. Every road is filled with fallen trees, scattered bats, making passersby afraid and not daring to go out.

Although scary, but in the real world, gamers will find people wearing unique costumes and children who are ready to play fun games with their peers.